The name of a programmer's editor by a company called MicroEdge. VSE runs under Windows, OS/390, and various flavors of UNIX.

Judging by prices and the amount of advertising I see in technical journals, the top three commercial programmer's editors for Windows and other environments are:

I tried demos of all 3 and VSE "felt" best to me. It's very configurable, recognizes and correctly highlights a large number of programming languages right out of the box, offers syntax highlighting, code assists, syntax completion, function parameter wizards... that kind of thing. It can do code beautification for a number of languages and it also contains a very neat file differencing/comparison/merging tool they call "DiffZilla". Lastly, I had a total of 3 occasions to use their technical support and I was flat out amazed at how friendly and helpful they were - that's becoming rare these days.

I'm not associated with MicroEdge in any way other than being a satisfied customer. Your mileage may vary, but if you are looking for a "better" programmer's editor and money is not very tight for you, then VSE is one to consider.

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