How God identified himself to Moses when He gave Moses the Law. Christians use this episode to show that Jesus was stating that he was God when He said "I tell you the truth, before Abraham was born, I am!" (Exodus 3:14).


An old nomad responded to a boundless being and a revelation to humans began. The revelation flowed on through a ram for child offering.

A baby saved from death, took life himself when grown and fled to the desert. The man saw a boundless being in an unquenched fire in the desert. The being spoke from the unquenched fire and the man listened. The young man asked the boundless being for a name and was told “I Am”. I Am changed this immature young man into an obedient leader of people after this desert encounter.

An emperor through hubris accomplished I Am’s will, a people sprung from the nomad led by the man who watched unquenched fire. No force of this world stood in this people’s way, I Am led as fire in the night and a thunderhead by day.

Even as the people disobeyed, I Am prepared a way and a time through forty of years of wandering to accomplish his plan and deliver His people to their land.

Through generations after, the boundless being being showed his people what I Am means. I Am still sought individuals who responded to His command- respond they did, judges, prophets, and kings.

From the line of one of these kings I Am laced a thread through time that would reveal Himself to all human beings . It was an event foretold by prophets and longed for by this people who followed unquenched fire. Through long generations His people looked for the promised one.

Alas, I Am’s plan proved to be to boundless for many of His people to detect. A child born in a small town became unquenched fire. I Am’s people sought a warrior, an avenger . I Am provided what must be- a servant, a healer.

A wild prophet, a baptizer of people, saw I Am in a man. Some fishermen, and a tax collector too saw unquenched fire live and breathe. I Am, the boundless being, allowed Himself to be bound in flesh and blood.

I Am felt sadness, fear, tears and tiredness. I Am allowed His flesh and blood to be sold out, thorns cut His head, His creations struck I Am- ripped the flesh and blood to the bone. I Am was bound to a life-taking device, iron pierced the flesh and blood. I Am was life and death, eternity, pain, judgment, defeat... then darkness the boundless being became finite. Unquenched fire had allowed itself to be quenched. For three days a dark force hoped it had won out over I Am.

A fisherman, stains of bitter tears on his cheeks, looked in vain for quenched fire in a tomb. None who followed I Am as man had yet to comprehend that unquenched fire can never be put out. The thread through time was now at its nadir, the way for all humans, to know I Am lay completed. I Am remained alive as man, even after His death, long enough for a doubter to feel the iron-pierced flesh. Three times He renewed his fisherman friend back to fellowship, then I Am again became unbounded.

I Am was now revealed to all- to any. Unquenched fire not seen by humans from the outside, but felt from within. I Am reached all the back to the old nomad,and even before and all the forward to you and beyond.

The boundless being bounded himself to unbind you. I Am became life from death so that we humans could do the same.

Look for unquenched fire in your being, come to know I Am as man, then I Am will never be gone from you or you from I Am.

there's nothing left to say
you bought it, anyway

took all there is to take
it won't keep me awake
cuz i've always been a fake
and i'll always be a fake

there's nothing left to do
you thought i was like you

a different mask for everything
got a halo i suspend above with string
throat is cracked and sore from all the mindless chatter
if you'll swallow all of my lies then nothing else will matter.


I am, and always have been, the quiet girl with so much potential.
I wonder what the future holds for me.
I hear voices in my head, taunting me about my wrong doing.
I see a better tomorrow.
I want what is best for me, my family, and the world.
I am, and always have been, the quiet girl with so much potential.

I pretend to be fine, but the truth is eating away at me on the inside.
I feel pain, remembering what once was, and what is.
I touch my laptop, feeling the way to escape it all.
I worry for the good of my family.
I cry at night when I think too much.
I am, and always have been, the quiet girl with so much potential.

I understand my mistakes and have learned from them.
I say, "everything always gets better" but I doubt my words.
I dream of a perfectworld, one where everyone would be happy.
I try my best to achieve my goals and to be happy.
I hope all the evil on this world goes away.
I am, and always have been, the quiet girl with so much potential.

It is a popular misconception that "I am." is the shortest sentence in the English language. That this is a misconception is typically explained by recourse to one of two explanations.

The first of these is that "I am." is arguably not a sentence at all. The crux of this argument is that the verb "to be" does not imply action, and therefore requires some kind of complement (e.g. "I am Norwegian") in order that a sentence be formed. In my opinion, this argument is not a good one, because it is far from obvious that "I am." does not imply action. One could very well claim that to "be" is in itself an action, as implied by God's words in tomed's write-up, or by the most common translation of Rene Descartes' cogito: "I think, therefore I am." It seems to me that if "I exist." is a sentence, then "I am." is equally a sentence.

No, "I am." is not the shortest English language sentence for another reason. In English, the imperative case does not require a subject. So, for instance, I need not say "You leave!", I may merely say "Leave.", and this will be a perfectly valid sentence. I cannot think of any single-letter verbs, but the first two-letter verb to spring to mind is "to go". It seems to me, therefore, that "Go." is at least the joint-shortest sentence in the English language, and may be absolutely the shortest, depending upon the existence of any other two-letter verbs that make sense when expressed in the imperative case.

I only practice grammar as a hobby, so I put this out there in the full knowledge that I'll probably be eaten alive by the grammar Nazis. I am not afraid.

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