In the world expressions of mystical thought and teaching, the notion of a Godhead as being is not so much rejected in toto, but rather reframed in the idea of beingness that takes on expression through the prayer, contemplation and meditation in individual human beings. This is the refined idea of a personal god. This is then expressed in that human in his dealings first with his fellow humans and all living things. That idea may even be extended to the relationship of each atom, particle, and even the yet to be described +sub-particle level. It is the image of that which is not knowable in the sense modalities, but rather in the mental constructs of idea

Entwined in this is the idea of intelligence, not just as an attribute or expression in individual humans and the known and observable creatures, but also, as the tendency of accumulation of greater purpose from the simplest expressed forms to the most complex. In other words, intelligence exists in potential and manifest its self as it acretes and expresses in the common purpose of a material form, be it animal vegetable or mineral.

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