An old nomad responded to a boundless being and a revelation to humans began. The revelation flowed on through a ram for child offering.

A baby saved from death, took life himself when grown and fled to the desert. The man saw a boundless being in an unquenched fire in the desert. The being spoke from the unquenched fire and the man listened. The young man asked the boundless being for a name and was told “I Am”. I Am changed this immature young man into an obedient leader of people after this desert encounter.

An emperor through hubris accomplished I Am’s will, a people sprung from the nomad led by the man who watched unquenched fire. No force of this world stood in this people’s way, I Am led as fire in the night and a thunderhead by day.

Even as the people disobeyed, I Am prepared a way and a time through forty of years of wandering to accomplish his plan and deliver His people to their land.

Through generations after, the boundless being being showed his people what I Am means. I Am still sought individuals who responded to His command- respond they did, judges, prophets, and kings.

From the line of one of these kings I Am laced a thread through time that would reveal Himself to all human beings . It was an event foretold by prophets and longed for by this people who followed unquenched fire. Through long generations His people looked for the promised one.

Alas, I Am’s plan proved to be to boundless for many of His people to detect. A child born in a small town became unquenched fire. I Am’s people sought a warrior, an avenger . I Am provided what must be- a servant, a healer.

A wild prophet, a baptizer of people, saw I Am in a man. Some fishermen, and a tax collector too saw unquenched fire live and breathe. I Am, the boundless being, allowed Himself to be bound in flesh and blood.

I Am felt sadness, fear, tears and tiredness. I Am allowed His flesh and blood to be sold out, thorns cut His head, His creations struck I Am- ripped the flesh and blood to the bone. I Am was bound to a life-taking device, iron pierced the flesh and blood. I Am was life and death, eternity, pain, judgment, defeat... then darkness the boundless being became finite. Unquenched fire had allowed itself to be quenched. For three days a dark force hoped it had won out over I Am.

A fisherman, stains of bitter tears on his cheeks, looked in vain for quenched fire in a tomb. None who followed I Am as man had yet to comprehend that unquenched fire can never be put out. The thread through time was now at its nadir, the way for all humans, to know I Am lay completed. I Am remained alive as man, even after His death, long enough for a doubter to feel the iron-pierced flesh. Three times He renewed his fisherman friend back to fellowship, then I Am again became unbounded.

I Am was now revealed to all- to any. Unquenched fire not seen by humans from the outside, but felt from within. I Am reached all the back to the old nomad,and even before and all the forward to you and beyond.

The boundless being bounded himself to unbind you. I Am became life from death so that we humans could do the same.

Look for unquenched fire in your being, come to know I Am as man, then I Am will never be gone from you or you from I Am.