Britsh nu-metal six piece from Aldershot. The band consists of:
  1. Terry Abbot - Vocal/Guitar
  2. Keith Lambert - Bass/Programming
  3. Ant Forbes - Guitar/Keyboards
  4. Nick Goulding - Guitar/Bass
  5. Ben Calvert - Drums

As of Wednesday February 19th, Terry Abbot has left Vex Red to persue other projects.

They were scooped up by KoRn producer Ross Robinson in a Kerrang! competition, and managed to get onto the producer's "I AM" label on the strength of one demo tape and an apparently shite live act. Lucky guys.

Their album "Start with a Strong and Persistant Desire" was released on March 4th in the UK. They have recieived a lot of praise from the music critics (except funnily enough Kerrang!) and are expected to go far.

Their album is now out in the US. Go 'n buy it!


Start with a strong and Persistant Desire

  1. The Closest
  2. Dermo
  3. Can't Smile
  4. Untitled
  5. Itch
  6. Bully Me
  7. Cause and Solution
  8. Start with a strong and persistent desire
  9. Clone Jesus
  10. Sleep does nothing for you
  11. Vert

NOTE: All Lyrics now noded.

Their sound is like listening to some sort of Tool/Nine Inch Nails hybrid, and is no-where near as heavy as some other things Ross Robinson has done (but still very heavy).

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