Steal This Album is System of a Down's third album, containing songs recorded during the Toxicity sessions, as well as rare tracks recorded as early as 1995. SOAD have emphasized the fact that these are not out-takes, but simply didn't fit in to the whole Toxicity "vibe". It was announced a few months ago from the time of writing, and was a big shock to System fans due to Toxicity, their last album, only being released last year. Expect to see more of the same heavy ,fun and down right bouncy music we have all come to love.

"I don’t get excited about things that I don’t believe in but I’m really excited that we’re getting to put this record out. Some people think that it’s an album of extra songs from ‘Toxicity’, but it’s not. Some of the songs dates back to 1995, others were recorded more recently. It’s not a stop-gap album, it’s the new System record. It’s all the songs which didn’t fit in with what we were doing before, yet when brought together they fit perfectly. I don’t think anyone will be disappointed by it."

-- Daron Malakian, Guitarist

** Update - Okay, this is kind of confusing. This quote is from

"This isn't our new album."

-- Daron Malakian, Guitarist

The other quote is from If anyone has the right story to this, please /msg me.

wh00t says SOAD doesn't consider Steal This Album their new album. They were forced to release it because several of the tracks got leaked onto the internet. None of them are "new", as they have all been written during the Toxicity sessions or earlier. "Mr. Jack", for instance, was written before the self-titled. Anyway, this album is still amazing nonetheless, in fact Serj has said that he thinks the tracks are better than the ones on Toxicity.

The packaging for Steal This Album will look like a home burn. There will be no CD booklet or tray insert in the clear jewel box (apart from the track listing on the back insert). Album credits can be accessed only by inserting the disc into a computer drive and visiting a special Web site. An insert on the side of the CD will say System of a Down, so you can spot easily.
News just in! Malcster has reported sightings of a single paged tray insert with the band and album name on it, probably to boost poor sales due to there being next to no publicity about the album itself.

The CD will be adorned with four different covers, one designed by each memeber of the band. These will be in limited numbers before they resort back to the original design (blank with "Steal This Album!" on it).

It is released on November 25, 2002 via American Recordings/Columbia

The track listing is as follows:

  1. Chic 'N' Stu
  2. Innervision
  3. Bubbles
  4. Boom!
  5. Nuguns
  6. A.D.D. (American Dream Denial)
  7. Mr. Jack
  8. I-E-A-I-A-I-O
  9. 36
  10. Pictures
  11. Highway Song
  12. Fuck The System
  13. Ego Brain
  14. Thetawaves
  15. Roulette
  16. Streamline

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