Me And Jesus The Pimp In A '79 Granada Last Night is a song by Oakland political hip hop group The Coup, taken from their third LP Steal This Album. The track was released as a single in 1998.

The song clocks in at over seven minutes long, and has a story-telling form, recounting the tale of the relationship between the narrator and the pimp, Jesus, for whom the narrator's mother works as a prostitute. We hear of how the two would sit together in the titular car as Jesus would drink, smoke Mary Jane, and spin old soul records. When the narrator is nine years old, Jesus attacks and kills his mother after she pays her rent before giving him his cut of her earnings. Jesus then takes the young narrator on as his ward, and even after being imprisoned for an unrelated murder, continues to write to the now-teenage narrator.

Over the course of the track, we hear how Jesus becomes something of a role model, and our narrator inherits his disrespectful and violent attitude towards women. Now grown up, he is hated even by his own son because of his despicable nature.

Eventually, the narrator sees something of the error of his ways, and rails against the practice of prostitution and the lifestyles surrounding it. Follwing Jesus' release from prison, the two men take a ride together in Jesus' car to a vacant lot, where the narrator avenges his mother's death by shooting Jesus dead.

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