Drop D tuning, also known as drop tuning or slack key, is an alternative way to turn a guitar. To tune your guitar to Drop D you must:
  1. Tune your guitar to Standard Tuning.
  2. Tune DOWN your E strings (stings 1 and 6) to D.* You can use your D string (sting 4) to do this.

Drop D is an interesting way to get more diversity out of your guitar. Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, and Days of the New# all use Drop D tuning in some of their best songs.

*Tuning string 1 (your thinnest E string) down is optional.
#Days of the New use Drop Db tuning.

Drop D Tuning was brought to the forefront by bands like Sepultura, whose supernaturally heavy sound and machine gun attack on the ear's audible threshold resurrected thrash metal. The Arizona band Kyuss took the musical style a step further with monster guitar riffs that weighed in heavier than a school bus full of fat children.
Two highly recommended bands that continue innovating within the murky depths of Drop D are Helmet and Korn.

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