An album released by "Tiamat" and produced by Century Media in 1994.

This album is seen as groundbreaking in the world of Gothic/Ambient music, and propelled the band to its peak of commercial and musical success. This album is almost seamless, slowly drifting between tracks of excellent quality, with a very peaceful flow, for the most part. Although a few songs do show their death metal roots, such as "Whatever That Hurts", with its hard and dark opening, this album shows Tiamat cast off the shackles of its roots, and become something totally new.

Track Listing
1. Wild Honey
2. Whatever That Hurts
3. The Ar
4. 25th Floor
5. Gaia
6. Visionaire
7. Kaleidoscope
8. Do You Dream of Me?
9. Planets
10. A Pocket Size Sun

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