Liquid Gold!

Golden syrup is a thick, golden-red byproduct of sugar refining, produced by decolourisation of partially hydrolysed sugar syrup. It has a rich, toasty flavour with a slight metallic edge that sets it apart from treacle.

What to do with it:

If you simply can't get enough sugar into your gaping maw, you could eat it straight from the can, spread it on toast, or pour it lovingly onto pancakes or icecream. If your concept of cooking extends further than scooping something from a box, try this or this. If you're looking for something easier, try ANZAC biscuits or Golden Syrup Dumplings

Where you can get it:

Golden syrup is widely available anywhere that the British succeeded in colonising. The most popular brand on a global scale is the British affiliate, Lyle's. Keep your eyes peeled for other leading national brands such as CSR (Australia), Sweet-n-Sweet (India), or Rogers (Canada).

If you can't get your hands on our golden friend, rumour has it that he can be replaced by 2 parts light corn syrup and 1 part molasses or equal parts of honey and light corn syrup. You will be disappointed.

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