UPDATE (19 May 2004):

Try the suped up version!

Replace the golden syrup with fresh lime juice and sugar. *drool*

I'm a convert. I used to avoid home made ice cream like the plague. It was usually icy, often had nuts that were chewy and several unidentified crunchy objects. But then, I came across E2, and my mind was opened. Yesterday, I got the chance to put the theory into practice.

We were doing the module Plan, Prepare and Serve Food, and the idea was to serve a table d'hote menu (predetermined by the teacher) for lunch. I was in the pair making Caramelised apples with mascarpone and golden syrup ice-cream. I got to make the ice cream. I was lucky.

I wouldn't call this a sophisticated flavour. But... yummy. The mascarpone makes the ice cream supremely creamy, and the golden syrup gives it a special sweetness.

I would not serve it with caramelised apples, and were it up to me, I certainly would not have served it with a tree of mint growing from it and a strawberry stuck on top. We did drizzle extra golden syrup around the plate, and that was a superb garnish.

I will be getting me an ice cream maker.

(20 portions)


Bring the golden syrup to the boil over a medium heat.
Using an electric beater, beat yolks until light.
Trickle the hot syrup in a thin stream, beating constantly. Keep beating until the mixture becomes thick and cool. The mixture will double in volume.
Add the mascarpone and cream. Beat until combined.
Churn and freeze in an ice cream machine.

Ouroboros says: Wow. this is a mousse!

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