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"It will be enormous, the Book. There will be oceans of space in which to move about, to perambulate, to sing, to dance, to climb, to bathe, to leap somersaults, to whine, to rape, to murder. A cathedral, a veritable cathedral, in the building of which everyone will assist who has lost his identity. There will be masses for the dead, prayers, confessions, hymns, a moaning and a chattering, a sort of murderous insouiciance; there will be rose windows and gargoyles and acolytes and pallbearers. You can butt your head against the walls - they won't give. You can pray in any language you choose or you can curl up outside and got to sleep. It will last a thousand years, at least, this cathedral and there will be no replica for the builders will be dead and the formula too. We will have postcards made and organise tours. We will build a town around it and set up a free commune. We have need for strong hands, for spirits who are willing to give up the ghost and put on the flesh..."

Mad propz to the following for making me node better: sneff, anthropod, Saige, Gritchka, fuzzy_and_blue, and anyone else who pokes me for my poor use of the English Language. I need it.