Imagine a wrestling ring.

Put a steel cage around it.

Put an electric chair in the center of the ring, inside a mini-cell.

Put a lever for said electric chair on one of the walls of the steel cage.

Put Vader, Diamond Studd (Scott Hall), Abdullah the Butcher, Cactus Jack, Sting, Rick Steiner, Scott Steiner, and El Gigante (Giant Gonzalez) in the cage.

Have the only way to win be to strap one of your opponents into the electric chair and electrocute him.

Make it the opening match.

Shake well.

Anyone who doubts that such a thing could come to be grossly underestimates the inherent stupidity of World Championship Wrestling.

And so, at Halloween Havoc '91, the aptly-titled Chamber of Horrors match kicked off the show.  Horrible for the audience, of course, not for the wrestlers.  The camera work is awful, there is absolutely no room to do ANYTHING because of the cages and the chair, and, as we all know, Giant Gonzalez is the Worst Wrestler On Earth and his mere presence in the state of Tennessee on the night of the show would've been more than enough to guarantee a poor match.

This one pretty much falls into the vaunted "DON'T WATCH THIS MATCH, EVER" category.

A sketch from Vacant Lot Tough rocker guy Paul goes into the chamber of horrors ride at the local low-rent carnival, scoffing as he enters. Rather than the expected cheap posters of dracula and the like, Paul is confronted with his true deepest darkest fears, like his grandmother in her casket, his parents having sex, and one of the sickest (and of course most brilliant) images I've ever seen on television: A priest offering to help little Paul get his coat on, one sleeve of the coat is of course inside the priest's pants.

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