Jonathan Houseman Davis was born January 18, 1971 in Bakersfield, California. His parents split up when he was three years old. His mother was an actress and a dancer. His father was a key-boardist in a local band, Buck Owens, and owned a music store named Indigo Ranch.

Jonathan was born Presbyterian, but he had to become a Catholic because his mother wanted to marry in a Catholic Church. Jon's favorite childhood toy was Robotron, a robot that talked. He became an assistant coroner when he was 16, and often tells horror stories about the stuff he saw while working there. He attended Highland High School, where he spent two years on speed and six hours a day playing the bagpipes.

As the voice of KoRn, Jonathan Davis bares his soul and exposes his emotions in every song he writes. A troubled childhood and chronic depression fuel his lyrics, giving them raw power and rage. "Mr. Rogers" and "Kill You" both focus on Jon's childhood, the former on the sexual abuse that he received from a neighbor, and the latter on his hatred for his cruel stepmother. "Falling Away From Me" reflects on Jon's hopeless depression and suicidal thoughts, while "Blind" shows some hope in the belief that he will overcome his personal obstacles. he song "Daddy" is his most emotionally charged song ever. He has only performed it once live. His favorite song to play live is "Shoots & Ladders" because he enjoys playing the bagpipes.

Before he joined KoRn, he was in a local band called Sex Art. Later, he quit Sex Art and grouped up with the band L.A.P.D, which included Munky, Brian, Fieldy, and David. They then changed the band name to KoRn.

Davis was married to Renee Perez-Davis (they split after a year) and has a son, Nathan Housemen Davis, who was born Oct. 18, 1995. Jon takes Prozac to help with his depression, and has recently stopped drinking. He says he only has performing and sex to keep him high these days.

Jonathan has four tattoos. On his right arm he has a wicked bishop tearing up his skin and revealing Jesus, which he says is "about the atrocities in religion." His left arm says "HIV". He says it's what kids used to call him when he was in school, so he got the tattoo in sort of an agreement to it and as a "fuck you" to them all. Apparently, Jon used to wear black eyeliner to school and was the target of quite a bit of teasing. On his lower back is a KoRn tattoo, and also one displaying his son's name. Jon's 6'2", 164 pounds, and is allergic to dogs. He has a tendency to throw up backstage before each show due to high nerves. He is a huge Duran Duran fan.

KoRn is an excellent band, and I encourage everyone to at least listen to some of their music. Jonathan is an incredibly gifted singer, and the emotion he displays in every song is amazing.

For more Jonathan trivia, you know who to call.

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