Aceyalone is a hip-hop artist raised by the streets and the beats and the books and crooks of L.A. He is a founding member of the Freestyle Fellowship and of Project Blowed. Aceyalone is one of relatively few hip-hop artists striving to bring a higher, more universal message in his lyrics while keeping the beats experimental and challenging.

Aceyalone started as a member of the (basically) four man group, the Freestyle Fellowship. Even amongst this incredible group of artists, Aceyalone stands out for his pure imagination and lyrical skill. After Freestyle Fellowship he released two solo albums, All Balls Dont Bounce on Capitol Records and A Book Of Human Language on Project Blowed/Nu Gruv Alliance. The second is brilliantly produced by Mumbles. He is also featured on the album Haiku de' Tat, with Abstract Rude of Abstract Tribe Unique and Mikah 9, also of Freestyle Fellowship, and on the compilation Project Blowed.

These are only the mainstream releases featuring Aceyalone, he is also on a bunch of vinyl singles and other more underground recordings. Aceyalone and his fellows offer a refreshing change from the standard mores of hip-hop, giving you not only an increase in the quality of lyrics and beats, but also in philosophy and message.

For an introduction to Aceyalone, check out A Book of Human Language and Haiku de' Tat.

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