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Ceyx was a king in Tessaly, son of Lucifer, the light-bearer who rose at dawn. (not the devil. The Romans didn?t call their evil being Lucifer.) and wife of Alcyone. The two loved each other and tried not to be apart.

Unfortunately there came a day where he had to go to an Oracle and get some advice. (He didn?t like to rely on a Magic 8-Ball.) She was very afraid, as she was the daughter of one of the wind gods and knew they were unpredictable. She told him that she didn?t want him to go, but if he had to, she would come too. Ceyx told her to stay behind, at which she wept, maybe knowing what was to happen.

While Ceyx?s boat was at sea, a monstrous storm blew up. The ship was tossed about and was sinking. Everyone paniced except for King Ceyx, who was happy his wife was all right. He died saying her name.

Morpheus, son the God of Sleep, went into Alcyone?s dreams and, taking the form of her husband at death, told him he had died thinking of her. She broke into depression and decided to kill herself (are you noticing a trend here with myths?) She ran out to the cliff where she watched Ceyx sail off and jumped. But (in a surprise twist!) she doesn?t hit the water and die, but turns into a bird and (in another surprise twist!) finds that her husband too has become a bird.

Every year in the winter the sea is absolutely calm for seven days straight. On these days it is said that Alcyone looks over her nest and tends to the eggs. These days are named for Alcyone, but they are usually known as halcyon days.

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