Underground L.A. hip hop artist Aceyalone's 1998 magnum opus. Entirely produced by Mumbles (who is phenomenal and to my knowledge is not nearly as prolific as he should be!), it is considered a milestone in rap music for its lyricism (coupled with Acey's incredible, infectuous delivery), conceptual focus, and beautifully crafted beats. Aceyalone also has two other solo albums out: All Balls Don't Bounce (1995) and Accepted Eclectic (2001). Of course, he's affiliated with the Freestyle Fellowship, Project Blowed and its offshoots like The A-Team and Haiku D'Etat, and he can be found popping up as a guest on more albums than you can shake a stick at. It is generally agreed upon, though, that Human Language is the zenith of his work.

The Book of Human Language consists of fifteen chapters:

  1. The Guidelines
  2. The Balance
  3. The Energy
  4. The Hurt
  5. The Hold
  6. The Walls and the Windows
  7. The Jabberwocky
  8. The Grandfather Clock
  9. The Reason
  10. The March
  11. The Faces
  12. The Hunt
  13. The Catch
  14. The Thief in the Night
  15. Human Language

It is an enriching listen.

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