Formerly known as the X-Men, one of the oldest DJ bands in existence, and the first one to record a full-length album for widespread release. 1997's X-pressions was the first album of its kind, and broke new ground by returning the DJ to the front of hiphop music.

Currently the group has four members:

While each member alone is not only an excellent beat juggler, as well as well versed in body tricks and scratching, their group routines are where they leave their mark on history. Total Eclipse is arguably the best beat juggler of the art form, while Rob Swift, known for his Biz Markie routine, was the one who showed the world what was possible by beat juggling after the technique was first created by Steve D.

The current lineup of the X-ecutioners is not the original, however, but the five original members (Steve D, Diamond J, Sean C, Johnny Cash, and Dr. Butcher) still have active roles as mentors of the current group. After Steve D invented beat juggling, it was Dr. Butcher and Rob Swift who took it to another level.

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