Created by Chris Carter.
Produces(d) The X-files, Harsh Realm, The Lone Gunmen, and Mellenium.

Harsh Realm and Mellenium were cancled and The Lone Gunmen will premiere this spring (2001). It's a spinoff from The X-files.

Every x-files episode ever produced ends with a shot of a grainy flickering TEN THIRTEEN PRODUCTIONS projected in broken-typewriter font, and the sound of a little kid proudly chirping "I MADE THIS!".

The source of the name, if anyone is curious, is that 10/13 is Chris Carter's birthday.

Now you know.

The distinctive "I made this!" accompanying all Ten Thirteen Productions logos was parodied by Stewart Lee and Richard Herring at the end of their Sunday afternoon BBC program, This Morning With Richard Not Judy. Each week they would spout boastful comments in high-pitched, childish voices but usually followed this formula:

I made this!

No you didn't, I did!

Yeah, but I gave you the idea though.

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