you know that darkmoon edge hill , btarfliz don t ' fltar nemore , we be all gritty and the ocean is warm tonight the ocean is cold as it leaves our skins the starssinkingabout in the waters drinking up all the starss + back on the hill a shadow touches a tree,branching trails away to atmosphere + mistcrash echoes through night wind spray , a palette of water for an entangled pair , a lostmusic metering itself on foghorn beats,boats in the dark turn off their lights and go to sleep as we all do, at night, thereis no shelter from a helicopter the only sign that we are anytime butnow.

Somewhere near here in in this room or this bed
Our bodies have found their way into each other
And send out an uncoded message of bliss
Through the rest of our skins
To the remains of our minds

Time is suspended – not endless, not ended
Nor shortened nor lengthened, but entry denied.
No hours for the sunlight, nor seconds for breathing
While somewhere in rhythms with no time
We dance

No striving, no path, and no destination,
We two here are all and elsewhere is not
Nothing beyond us can move us or hold us
One holds the other, the other is all.

Some"where` (?), adv.

In some place unknown or not specified; in one place or another.

"Somewhere nigh at hand."



© Webster 1913.

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