But it's a factual node! Why is it getting downvoted?

Congratulations, you have written a factual node. Just because it contains facts doesn't mean that it should automatically be upvoted by everyone who happens to massage the node with their eyeballs.

Consider this - if this node was an essay at your current education level (one honestly can't expect that the material produced by a high school sophomore to be on the same par of that of someone working on their masters), how would it be graded?

While your writings were essentially correct, the expected amount was that of an essay. One to three sentences do not make up a paragraph, much less an essay. I was very disappointed.

With every factual node, there is a wealth of knowledge out there... somewhere. It may take a bit of research to find it all and bring it all together in one place. For many, this is the essential question for voting on a factual node: "has the author done the research?"

Admittedly, it is often tempting to quickly write a node, scratch a few sentences down in the text area and proclaim "but it is better than no node" to any who might ask for more. While that statement is dubious to begin with - writing an node is not an assignment handed out by some draconian teacher. You won't lose 10% of the grade for not writing a node. But you are graded by what you do produce.

Please, take time to do the research. If it is worth writing a node on, it is worth that extra few minutes of looking in Google. Only Webster1913 has an excuse for short, uninteresting writeups.

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