Aaaand we're done, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for all the cracking entries. GP has been awarded, and an over all winner will be announced shortly!

Seeing as I have the concentration span of a gnat, now seems as good a time as any to launch BrevityQuest11.Your writeups, 300 words or fewer. That's it.

00:00:00 Monday 4 April — 23:59:59 Saturday 30 April 2011, server time

  • Well-crafted fact or fiction; poetry or continuous prose
  • New writeups only, please
  • As many submissions as you want, but flooding new writeups is far from groovy
  • Notify the most able Tem42 of your minora opera (my head can't cope with screens at the moment, I'm having a break)
  • If you can pop the word-count on the bottom of the writeup, that's a bit helpful, too
  • Bounty is awarded at 10GP per writeup, and maybe even something fun landing through the mailbox of the entrant Tem42 and I judge to have contributed the most to e2 and the quest (and that's entirely arbitrary, but we might bring in some backup)
  • Some BQ10 favourites, for the record: 66 ~ 76 ~ 158 ~ 130 ~ 212 ~ 294

In short

  1. Our Friend The Atom by Clockmaker
  2. World naked gardening day by tanktop
  3. Homeoteleuton Clockmaker
  4. The Jackson Five Pandeism Fish
  5. click this idiots, even though I'm telling you that there is no node with this title by misterfuffie
  6. Herbert Hoover by Noung
  7. Don't Think of an Elephant by SweetieB0y
  8. George Silver by Clockmaker
  9. No Win, No Fee by Andrew Aguecheek
  10. The Lost City of Z by Clockmaker
  11. This was my mountain. You call it your valley. by raincomplex
  12. What do you remember? by cassparadox
  13. The Abridged Edition: She was to one side, he was to the other, an untested bridge between them by cassparadox
  14. Fightball by Clockmaker
  15. Never meddle in the affairs of wizards, especially before they have their coffee by Zephronias
  16. electromagnetic hypersensitivity by Clockmaker
  17. CSI, Bible style by Pandeism Fish
  18. Boulet by Clockmaker
  19. Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant by cassparadox
  20. Lake Karachay by cassparadox
  21. Polysynthetic Language by Clockmaker
  22. Joyeuse by Clockmaker
  23. Education is evil. Knowledge is evil. Be a moron. Forget how to spell. by Zephronias
  24. how can words exist and not be acceptable? by Montag
  25. Armillary Sphere by Clockmaker
  26. Paralis by Clockmaker
  27. God is playing marbles with his planets and his stars by raincomplex
  28. Lisztomania by Clockmaker
  29. Bank run by Noung
  30. Collective security by Noung
  31. Armanism by Clockmaker
  32. How to outrun the cops by Sinepyriah
  33. Theosophy by Clockmaker
  34. bar back by Sinepyriah
  35. Green War by Mouq
  36. Tiberium in Tiberim! by Aerobe
  37. Jorkens by Clockmaker
  38. Monroe doctrine by Noung
  39. Zothique by Clockmaker
  40. Dance of the Dead by misterfuffie
  41. Bottled Fairy by Zephronias
  42. Leninism by Noung
  43. Doppelsöldner by Clockmaker
  44. ghetto waders by AsteroidPuncher
  45. bar back by sinepyriah
  46. Jurgen by Clockmaker
  47. Fields of sunshine bloom as the midnight in her dress falls away, replaced by moonlight. by Zephronias
  48. Thirteen words about love by Scout Finch
  49. Hy-Brasil by Clockmaker
  50. Sculpture Garden by Pandeism Fish
  51. Asian savings glut by Noung
  52. Katzbalger by Clockmaker
  53. Kapilavastu by Clockmaker
  54. Bill Hook by Clockmaker
  55. Flamberge by Clockmaker
  56. American Revolution by Noung
  57. Definitional fallacy by Pandeism Fish
  58. Giorgio de Chirico by GhettoAardvark
  59. loco filiae by Ancientsnow
  60. Thirteen words about love by ScoutFinch
  61. Somewhere by DonJaime
  62. Under the pretext of palmistry by etouffee
  63. don't try to find words by intentions
  64. dive buddy by SharQ
  65. 5am in the middle of a wasted summer by ChristineWinter
  66. A Real Doll by brettjava
  67. affectio maritalis by Ancientsnow
  68. Read Sexy Comix Today! by StuartO)))
  69. Washington Total Abstinence Society by StuartO)))
  70. jus cogens by Ancientsnow
  71. of some description by Avalyn
  72. President of the United States of America by Noung
  73. Master Bloyse by Clockmaker
  74. a weather report from five hundred thousand years ago? by Tom Rook
  75. Cambion by Clockmaker
  76. Trebizond by vonCube
  77. Star Nest by drownzsurf
  78. The Claim by dannye
  79. And though it was snowing outside, all within were warm. by Zephronias.
  80. Two word haiku by Pandeism Fish
  81. Byzantine Empire by vonCube
  82. Decompression illness by SharQ
  83. Love is an evening breeze touching my face by Tom Rook
  84. defamation of religion by Pandeism Fish
  85. Lift bag by SharQ
  86. Winning hearts and minds by misterfuffie
  87. She was the seed of a strange tomorrow by Zephronias
  88. Sarpedon by Clockmaker
  89. Tachnechdorus by Monkeylover
  90. When she woke up, her hands were still dreaming by Intentions
  91. Three from the exclusion zone by cassparadox
  92. memory is a stranger by DriftingHere
  93. Together, we will be the oil drifts under the sea during the next incarnation of civilization by misterfuffie
  94. but you should be right here, right next to me by ame_9001
  95. Cockaigne by Clockmaker
  96. I can only pray that, when I finally leave, I will have done little enough damage to be totally forgotten by Zephronias
  97. Barcycle by Sinepyriah
  98. Ol' Baldy by Pandeism Fish

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