Thank you to everyone who submitted something for BrevityQuest. Bounty will be has been awarded shortly. But please, more than anything, keep writing. Short can be good.



In short: briefs.

BrevityQuest10 wants your writeups of 300 words or fewer.

00:00:00 Friday 2 April — 23:59:59 Friday 30 April 2009, server time

  • Well-crafted fact or fiction; poetry or continuous prose
  • New writeups only, please
  • As many submissions as you want, but flooding new writeups is far from groovy
  • Notify Oolong, Tem42, or The Debutante of your minora opera
  • Bounty is awarded at 10GP per writeup, and something fun landing through the mailbox of the entrant we judge to have contributed the most to e2 and the quest (and that's entirely arbitrary)
  • An extra 10GP is available if you read or have your entry read for the podcast
  • Some BQ09 favourites, for the record: 43 ~ 49 ~ 137 ~ 187 ~ 220 ~ 261 ~ 289 ~ 290

In short

  1. Stuart by Glowing Fish
  2. Albrecht of Mainz by Mathlete
  3. Green Goddess by NanceMuse
  4. Wood burning stove by Sinepyriah
  5. There is good rap music by Sc0ut
  6. Hard by jwfxpr
  7. turnover by Sc0ut
  8. Blundstone 500 by Sc0ut
  9. cream of tartar by NanceMuse
  10. Dinosaurs were just lizards who got too much oxygen by ignis_glaciesque
  11. gelled rocket fuel by The Custodian
  12. Ashland, Oregon by Glowing Fish
  13. Homeopathic Automotive Engineering by Morwen
  14. Chattering class by Noung
  15. Irem, City of Pillars by Clockmaker
  16. Air raid siren by museman
  17. the combination foot by jessicaj
  18. gold star by gnarl
  19. universal jurisdiction by Noung
  20. apartheid wall by Noung
  21. Caucasus Emirate by Noung
  22. Gaki by Clockmaker
  23. Popped tomatoes by gin soaked (Ineligible for bounty or prizes.)
  24. Nivea for Men by jessicaj
  25. Cherry tomato by raincomplex
  26. Late for Work by vonCube
  27. Chevre noir by Aerobe
  28. One shoe by Harley53
  29. old brick building by raincomplex
  30. How to name your artichoke by Pandeism Fish
  31. Life with a narrow heel by jessicaj
  32. the trim foot by jessicaj
  33. Hecatonchires by Clockmaker
  34. mansplaining by hapax
  35. Ojama shimasu by mauler
  36. Suicide Statistics by mullakamakalaka
  37. Aloysius Bertrand by Clockmaker
  38. Lolo Pass by Glowing Fish
  39. Sleepless amid her ships, her houses, her incalculable wealth by clone19
  40. Amish paste by Wuukiee
  41. How to experience your free will by CCCCCC
  42. Ball whisk by NanceMuse
  43. the voluptuous foot by jessicaj
  44. social skills by CCCCCC
  45. Purdah by Noung
  46. Fig Leaf by Glowing Fish
  47. Morningstar Farms by Glowing Fish
  48. social skills by Glowing Fish
  49. Wikipedia as Ontological Masochism by Glowing Fish
  50. Be fruitful and multiply by jessicaj
  51. Dr. Spaceman by hapax
  52. Lookout Pass by Glowing Fish
  53. Per Henrik Ling by Junkill
  54. Anderson Silva and the creativity of brutality by vonCube
  55. displacement grooming by Glowing Fish
  56. oneword by gnarl
  57. Vajazzle by avalyn
  58. triffid by TedBronson
  59. Meech Lake by TedBronson
  60. Be fruitful and multiply by Noung
  61. periwinkle by fairyplain
  62. two bits by gnarl
  63. Mexico's drug war by Noung
  64. The narrow foot by jessicaj
  65. E Ticket by gnarl
  66. Skatar by NanceMuse
  67. Koigu by hapax
  68. Keys to the Kingdom by gnarl
  69. Wisenheimer by e2reneta
  70. Modern Conservatives by Noung
  71. Sex, Grandmothers, and Videotape by museman
  72. Greek soap by jessicaj
  73. The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel by Wntrmute
  74. Cyrene by mauler
  75. backchannels by hapax
  76. Chinese currency crisis by Noung
  77. Piment d'Espelette by NanceMuse
  78. autograph by hapax
  79. Greek fiscal crisis by Noung
  80. Erdos-Bacon Number by Wntrmute
  81. Foursquare by Wuukiee
  82. Some advice on being a man, courtesy Grandpa by vonCube
  83. caution by SharQ
  84. Angry Dog by lizardinlaw
  85. Eating Cup-a-soup without adding water by vonCube
  86. Spring by doyle
  87. Lacuna by Clockmaker
  88. Twitter by kalen

Baseline bounties. These do not include podcast entries, and have no bearing on the grand poobah award.

  1. Noung: 100GP
  2. Glowing Fish: 80GP
  3. jessicaj: 80GP
  4. Clockmaker: 50GP
  5. gnarl: 50GP
  6. hapax: 50GP
  7. NanceMuse: 50GP
  8. vonCube: 40GP
  9. Sc0ut: 30GP
  10. CCCCCC: 20GP
  11. mauler: 20GP
  12. museman: 20GP
  13. raincomplex: 20GP
  14. TedBronson: 20GP
  15. Wntrmute: 20GP
  16. Wuukiee: 20GP
  17. Aerobe: 10GP
  18. avalyn: 10GP
  19. clone19: 10GP
  20. doyle: 10GP
  21. e2reneta: 10GP
  22. fairyplain: 10GP
  23. Harley53: 10GP
  24. ignis_glaciesque: 10GP
  25. Junkill: 10GP
  26. jwfxpr: 10GP
  27. kalen: 10GP
  28. lizardinlaw: 10GP
  29. Mathlete: 10GP
  30. Morwen: 10GP
  31. mullakamakalaka: 10GP
  32. Pandeism Fish: 10GP
  33. Sinepyriah: 10GP
  34. SharQ: 10GP
  35. The Custodian: 10GP
  36. gin soaked: (1)

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