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A collection of all of the E2 Brevity Quest nodes!

Brevity Quest, for the uninitiated, is the community exercise where noders submit factuals, fictionals, personals, and other writing that are all under a 300 word limit (not including pipe links).

1 BrevityQuest 2006 (idea) allseeingeye writeup
2 BrevityQuest07 (event) The Debutante writeup
3 BrevityQuest09 (event) The Debutante writeup
4 BrevityQuest10 (event) The Debutante writeup
5 BrevityQuest11 (event) The Debutante writeup
6 BrevityQuest12 (event) NanceMuse writeup
7 BrevityQuest14 (event) Tem42 writeup
8 Brevity Quest 2015 (event) Tem42 writeup
9 Brevity Quest 2016 (event) Tem42 writeup
10 Brevity Quest 2017 (event) Tem42 writeup
11 Brevity Quest 2018 (event) Tem42 writeup
12 Brevity Quest 2019 (event) Tem42 writeup