When you love the taste of bacon, but unlike Mike Nelson you don't think you can live on it exclusively for a month, what is a person to do? Simple! Enter Bacon Salt, which is for sale on them there internets. Essentially, it's just what the name says - a powdered spice or condiment which makes things...taste like bacon. I outpocketed for a sample pack of this stuff because, hell, I can't resist bacon. I have sampled the 'Hickory,' 'Original' and 'Low Sodium' variants, and I can tell you that the 'Original' flavor works gangbusters on a fresh batch of buttered popcorn!

Also, as the label helpfully informs you, it's Kosher! Woohoo! (Well, okay, probably parve, really). Vegan-friendly too, apparently. At least, some flavors are, says Oolong.

Note: I do not recommend you purchase this if you are of delicate and refined tastes. But if your tastes run to the overrefined and not terribly delicate, give it a shot. You might be pleasantly surprised and amused.


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