In 2006, 89 Americans killed themselves a day. What's more, there is 116 to 1 odds that you will commit suicide at some point in your life. When it comes to lifetime odds of death due to injury (suicide is categorized as a self-inflicted injury), only cars pose a greater risk, with 84 to 1 odds of killing you. That's right, you are your own worst enemy. Who knew that the 90s alternative band Lit was so wise?

Now, if you are ever in a position where you find yourself betting on suicides in Vegas, your best bet would be to put your money on a schizophrenic. That is, if you can. Schizophrenics have 10 to 1 odds of committing suicide, an astonishing figure. However, if all of this is starting to make you worry about your mental health, don't run to a psychiatrist. They have the highest suicide rate of all of the health-care professions, with one study finding that 12% of all suicides in health-care field were committed by psychiatrists, a disproportionately high number.

Why is suicide so popular? Simple. In a world where people seem to want to enslave your mind and body on a daily basis, suicide is a form of escape, of self-defense.

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