"Of some description" is a frequently-encountered but vaguely-defined descriptor used to indicate the level of detail of an object or person without actually describing it. The phrase is used in literature of all sorts. Its use could be seen as an indication that the writer can't be bothered to provide a real description or that s/he would rather be meaningfully indefinite, perhaps in an attempt to make the object not described seem enigmatic.

Often, "of some description" is used to (not) describe rather ordinary things, e.g.:

"I have a bowel obstruction of some description."
"The man left a business card of some description on the table as he departed."
"I awoke with an insect of some description burrowing into my neck."

It's kind of old-fashioned and generally, you don't see it all that much. Personally, I like to use it because it sounds silly and it says nothing, really, rather like "as it were". It's obscure enough that I couldn't find a single definition for it on any dictionary or phrase-origin websites. I'd say it possesses a marked dubiousness of some description.


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