Mr. Joseph Jorkens it must be noted is first and foremost a man of a great and generous equanimity. Not only is his spirit sturdy enough to bear the loss of a beach all made up of pearls, or an immense diamond, which is relatively easy: it is able to weather with good humour even the doubt and derision of small minds, minds which when confronted with his humble tales shrink with jealousy and refuse to admit even the littlest thing as possible which lies outside their own experience. This extraordinary capacity of the soul can only be attributed to a combination of sure knowledge of the facts in a matter and the second notable trait of Mr. Jorkens: that very English groundedness which shows itself as much in his preference for the cozy precincts of the Billiards Club and love of a simple whiskey and soda, as in the calm with which he meets shipwrecks, desert floods, whiskey-rivers, mermaids, Martian aviators; all such things as may seem extraordinary to an ordinary man, but are commonplaces to a man of the world such as Mr. Jorkens.

In exchange for a specimen of his favorite drink, the amiable Mr. Jorkens may easily be persuaded to share his experiences, and his good and steadfast friend Lord Dunsany, a fellow club-man, has even had the wisdom to commit the stories of the inimitable gentleman to print, in the following books:

The Travel Tales of Mr. Joseph Jorkens
Jorkens Remembers Africa
Jorkens Has A Large Whiskey
The Fourth Book Of Jorkens
Jorkens Borrows Another Whiskey
The Last Book of Jorkens

At this time, the stories are gathered into three handsome volumes by Night Shade Books.


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