One of James Ernest Games' real-time cardgames, Fightball was originally meant to be an NBA-licensed basketball game, to be played with trading cards; this original version, called Basketbrawl, was pitched to Wizards of the Coast, the trading card kingpins of Renton, and featured decks based on real teams. However, when Wizards didn't want the game, and the designers subsequently watched deranged 1980s film The Warriors, magic happened...

In the post-apocalyptic future of the 24th century, people have forgotten how to play sports... but they love to FIGHT! Sadly, even beating people up for no reason eventually gets stale. Finally, some history buff invents a reason: what the past knew as »sports«! (Un)fortunately he only knows one thing about those: you score by hitting goals with a ball. So in this new sport, that's the only rule. There are six gangs teams, each crazier than the next — some greasers; a cheerleader squad; wannabe Aztecs?! They're crazy about the new sport, and they call it — Fightball!

The basic play of Fightball is as simple to understand as it is hard to succeed at: you must play, in order, a Player, a Ball and a Shot card onto any empty space in the field, which is divided into green, red and blue zones. Your object is to get a sum of 10 or more in the statistic that matches the color of the space — the various players and shots are better in some zones than others, and your opponent may use his own players to block your attempts. Now, do it as fast as you can! Your opponent does the same, until a BUZZ card is played and the round is over. Scores are tallied afterward, while the players stop panicking.

It's good fun, if nobody has a heart attack.


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