2001: A Nodegel Odyssey
"Hey, Nate, what are you doing?" - EDB

2001. The year always used in sci-fi prior to the 90s. As a little kid the year 2001 seemed so very distant. During the Olympic Games at Atlanta when they were talking about the next ones in Sydney, the year 2000 still seemed so far away. 21 was a big number, and I figured I'd be a completely different person - an independent adult with a life? - at this point. While there has definitely been both intellectual and spiritual growth, it has been gradual, not as dramatic my teen mind expected back then. At this point I realize I will stay basicially the same person for the rest of my life. I will become a better person, and my worldview is sure to change. But I will remain myself. And if I have learned something else this year, it's that life is too short for spending it waiting for good things to magically find their way to you.
In other words, I've had myself 52 weeks to think things through and all I've managed to come up with is cliches.

I'm looking forward to the year of the snake. There will be many goals to achieve, bringing with them major changes in life. Since I may have to spend 2002 imprisoned doing my mandatory civil service (since there's no way in hell I'll serve in the Finnish military), I should try to enjoy my "freedom" as much as possible for these 365 days. I have a feeling this year might prove to be one of my best so far. And after all, it's all up to me to make it happen.
Oh, yes.. There was a resolution too.. But I'm keeping that one to myself.
No, it wasn't 1600x1200. :)

The New Year's Eve? It was more like a state of war. Most of the night you couldn't see past 200 meters due to the heavy snow, but the booming sound of fireworks never ceased during the hours between 18-00. I've come down with a nasty flu, so I spent today inside, using up a mountain of handkerchiefs and coughing my lungs out. Without E2 this evening might have been downright boring. :) Special thanks to simonc and perdedor for being cool as always. And to Note for a nice phonecall which surely cheered this kung-flu master up!

I'm only going to say this once.. (until next year, that is)
Onnellista uutta vuotta kaikille nodettajille!