In response to RalphyK:
I had a great time, thank you very much.

I'm not one to go in for New Year's resolutions in a big way, mainly because I'm pathetic at forward planning. This year, I did succeed in getting a life, though. I now go out with friends. Have a good time. Get drunk. Make money. Spend money. Relax a little. Enjoy.

Remember folks, you're a long time dead. Don't waste all your time in front of a computer if you can at all help it, tempting though the likes of e2 can be,

As for yesterday's plans? Didn't quite happen. We got some pretty heavy sleet and rain in the afternoon, and it was continuing into the night, so going into town for a street party looked like a really bad idea. Instead, Jenny, who had an empty house, invited a few friends over for a wee party. Just seven of us, some good music, and oodles of alcohol. Plenty of sliding about the kitchen floor in socks, a bit of dancing, and some party poppers after the bells.

At about 1.30, we decided to pop in to another party going on nearby, which was about a 20 minute walk away. 10 minutes there, and we decided that it was too boring, we were going to head back to Jen's. The time without alcohol and the fresh air seemed to sober me up, but probably also helped to prevent alcohol poisoning/a massive hangover, so perhaps it was a good thing?

I did get some sleep, on a sofa, but not quite enough, because I was falling asleep in front of the TV a short while ago, much to my sister's amusement when I kept on waking up with a start. :)