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Got the wonderful news that my health insurance has changed. Apparently, with a minimum of warning, they've decided to use another provider, with a notably different selection of people in it...

So my therapist, which I've been seeing for long enough (and not because I'm crazy, mind you... I don't mind being that way :), will no longer be covered. So either I spend way too much money to keep going, end my therapy, or find someone new to pour my guts out to and spend all that time telling someone stuff that someone else already knows, just to try to catch up.

After all, good for the business is often bad for the employees...

Yesterday - Tomorrow

Oh, a correction. Found out in the evening that not all of the coverage is changing. So I don't have to worry about this anymore. I just get to read about all the other employees who have been totally screwed over in this...

Late to work, as always. I composed two haikus at work, because I have too much time on my hands. Unfortunately I didn't have my transit disk on me, or I would have brought them home for Assimilation here. Called Dad when I got home - he had offered to show me where the extra phone lines run up into the apartment, but he is going to a City Council meeting this evening. Sometimes I think he should run for City Council again. Not that he would win, but it keeps him busy.
Woohoo! NT and Win95 OSR2.5 are all (re)installed, and all the drivers are config'd. This will teach me to be very, very careful with fdisk in the future. Well, it should teach me...
One of the "chiefs" (as in "too many chiefs and not enough Indians") at work had scrawled on his whiteboard a quote from Bertrand Russell; I'm curious how badly it's mangled: "Not having everything you want in life is essential to happiness." Either phone service or my ISP are crappy today. Bell Atlantic came by and gave me an in-line radio noise suppressor (Westek part number Z100B1) last week, and it seemed to help, but today something is misbehaving again.
Today was a rather abnormal day.

Deprived of sleep by the glorious Physics, and delirious with hyperfine structure, I set out to greet the new day.

Something, it seems, was amiss. As I walked down Main Street, past Murphy's and Everything But Anchovies and even the local hardware store, I noticed that nobody was around. Not a soul in sight. No unwavering bands of light, as the esteemed Rabo Karabekian would say. Odd, I thought. So I dejectedly walked home, now deprived of human contact as well as sleep. All this, of course, was complicated by my previous night's dream. No Fairy Land awaited me. So I got home and started to meditate, hoping for a vision of some sort. No dice. I then started back out to face the world, but I really couldn't be bothered. So I had an Eggo with some real maple syrup instead. My hunger thus destroyed, I headed out to play some Ultimate. That worked okay. Then it was off to lunch, and then to work. Work is good, because I get to play with a free electron laser. And now the day is done, the sun sets, Taps is coursing through my head, and I node contentedly.

Today is my Birthday.

Highlights included

I can't actually decide whether or not that last one is good or not.....

My girlfriend is sick.
I made her tea.
I bought a book on Nietzsche.
It's laundry day.
It is my day off.
Yesterday, my immediate boss announced he was transferring to Miami, Florida. A week before that, his boss' boss quit.

And, discovered today that one more member of my Interactive department is quitting. The head of the project managers is leaving, someone I've worked with for about 3 years now. (Mind you, however, that that hasn't been 3 years at the same company.)

Anyway, probably will be updating my resume, backing my things, and looking for someone who'll hire me and make me happy.

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