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I had a Computer Science midterm. I found it fairly easy. I now have 3 hours to wait until my next class (another computer science), then I have a 45min drive back home.
I stole a bunch of mild sauce from Taco Bell today. I walked to work.
Otherwise, its the SOS.
My boss is net sexing one of my friends which means I have recently learned more about my boss than I would care to know. He also found out he owes a bunch of money to the IRS, which inevitably means he's going to be a prick all fucking day. Hurah hurah.

Another uneventful day. Went through a 20GB tape to find that the file I needed to restore wasn't on it. It takes a long time to go through those tapes. Discrete math class was boring as usual. Am now at home noding and mucking. Fun.

It's now 6:40pm Central Time. I have a Physics II (Electromagnetism) test tomorrow at 9am. I have 2 weeks of homework to do by that time to be prepared for said test. Wish me luck.

I woke up this morning to find that I couldn't get out of bed. Eventually I did, and then I took a shower, and went to class where Dr. Leung yelled at us for an hour and fifteen minutes about proof by recurrence. Then I went to the computer lab and wasted time on Everything and got some lunch before going to my next class, where Dr. Gupta rambled at us for an hour and fifteen minutes about unification in logic programming, and I'd have fallen asleep as usual except that I had a large Mountain Dew with my lunch, and so instead of paying attention to the lecture I had some more insight as to implementing the portal system for Solace for when I finally get around to implementing more than the skeleton of a renderer, and I also worked a bit on a DTD for the research project which I'm on (working for the aforementioned Dr. Gupta, incidentally). After that I wasted even more time on Everything.

My day seems to be stuck in a rut. Such is the life of a grad student I guess.

Oh, and today at my trikuare.cx account I got two pieces of spam (when I'd never been spammed at this address before). One was even a Make Money Fast scam - I haven't seen one of those in ages.

Rather boring day. After finishing a project write-up for my physics class, I played with a piece of software I found today, thanks to a LOTD from User friendly, called blender. After mucking through the terrible documentation, the "tutorial", and obscure interface, I managed to create all of a colorful, amorphous, transparent blob floating in a starfield. I'll probably play with it some more this weekend, see what I can do.

So, as my Feb 10, 1999 ends, there remains but one question for the night.

Why is it any shred of intuition you might have will vanish at the most critical times?

Hmm.. perhaps the answer will come to me such that I might be able to post the answer tomorrow.

Amongst other things I've discovered today, one of the most major is that Squaresoft, while a good RPG designer, doesn't know how to program Windoze. This is evidenced by two factors: 1) The ONLY way to quit Final Fantasy 8 is by Alt-F4, and 2) After a session of said game, the computer is in great danger of being BSoDed down. A new ultimatum was presented to my brother to reboot the damn machine every time he's done playing the game.

Besides that, I found it is also much more reliable to write Day Logs the day OF the Day Log itself, rather than the day after, when you forget everything. Though writing it the day after allows you to take into account things that happen really late in the day/night, nothing usually happens, and you end up forgetting half of what happened that day.

I am sick today. I have a runny nose and a cough. Well, no-one ever died of a cold... wait, didn't large chunks of Europe's people die of colds? No matter...

Note the New E2 Look!

Got a library card AND registered to vote, how grown-up of me. I like the local branch - it's small, like the one in my hometown. Not the place to go if I'm looking for something specific, 'cause they won't have it, but it's a good place to go to find things I didn't know I needed. Like a Bill Nye video (note to self: add to I had a crush on), Jill McCorkle's short stories, a book on freelancing that I am sure is going to piss me off, and Michael Jackson's poetry, and aren't you glad?

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