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I went to Best Buy to try to purchase a CD Player for my car. Unfortunately, they were out of stock. This pissed me off greatly. But now that my being pissed off has declined, I'm going to call the Best Buy in Hialeah and see if they have it in stock, so I can go tomorrow morning and be the first one to have my new CD player installed. Then I can listen to custom audio CDs while I drive. }:)

15 seconds of music for a half-hour of composition (or rather, arrangement) is really a good ratio for me.

Besides, I think the world really needs a chiptune remix of the theme music from Zardoz, don't you?

in our last episode... | p_i-logs | and then, all of a sudden...

The phone wakes me at 10:30ish, but they hang up by the time I reach it. I drowsily check e-mail, there was a message from my sister-in-law (actually my brother-in-law's sister, some people seem to think that "sister-in-law" is nonsensical if I have no brothers) to the effect, "sorry for the short notice, I will be moving furniture in around 10AM tomorrow". But the e-mail is dated today, so that must mean tomorrow she's moving in. OK.
No, it doesn't mean that at all. It was written in the wee hours of Saturday, when "tomorrow" could still reasonably refer to the not-so-wee hours of Saturday. I learn this at 11:15, when she arrives with my brother-in-law and his friends, a moving van, and jeez! that's a lot of furniture for one person to have...
When all is moved in, we smoke a little in the attic, after which everyone goes away. Quiet time. My sister (through whom I have inherited this sister-in-law) invites me for dinner, and offers to let me use their washer and dryer. Hooray! I skip a laundromat adventure! In exchange, I try to get Internet Exploiter 5 installed on their computer. Over dinner they tell me about their ghost, which they have both seen, and which they believe their son, my nephew, has also seen (he doesn't speak complete sentences, and maybe he had a Scooby Doo nightmare; it's hard to tell). See "My First Exorcism".
Fighting with IE5 bring me to the wee hours of Sunday, February 21, 2000.

I swapped hard drives today. My old 3 GGB for a new 13.1 GB one. The old one went into another computer, which had its 1.6 GGB drive stop working (it sounds like a mechanical problem). Part of the fun on my computer was that since I had an older BIOS, it only saw the first 8.4 gig. Fortunately, Western Digital had a little download from their site that basically added a little program that would intercept BIOS calls to INT 11(I'm not sure it is 11), which would return correct hard drive information. However, it only works by residing in the boot sector, which may cause a problem with LILO. (I have to download and install a new Linux version, burn a CD, and install from that.) The new hard drive is faster and bigger. Now I can give Linux lots of room on the HD. (Or how about mp3 server...?)

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