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Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

When you hear the term Cut-and-Paste Writeups Will Die, believe it.

Saying "but, I typed it up myself, and added links, it was a LOT of work" is not a good answer. Cut and paste, in this context, means plagiarism. Taking someone else's work and presenting it as your own original work may win you XP, chings and adulation, but, if it is discovered, it will not last.

You need to write your own stuff.

Adding a credit to the work stops it being plagiarism, but then you're in to the sticky subject of copyright violation. Copying out entire works (whole articles, entire press releases, chapters from books) is not OK. Saying "with thanks to X" is fine if you have used X as a minor source. It's not OK if you've lifted the entire writeup from X.

Write your own stuff.

You can read through a couple of information sources, digest the meanings, and then write a brand new work in your very own words. You can summarise, you can interpret, you can synthesise work from multiple sources. (No, not just copying lines from multiple works and stitching them together. That's just stealing from several people at once.)

Unlucky noder ReiToei has been caught in flagrante delicto. All of the following write ups have been nuked, with penalty, for plagiarism. I'll do the same to any others that I find. Anyone want to take on some lonely nodeshells that need good, well-researched, original write ups?

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