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December 2, 2000:

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December 2, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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I have been selectively killing fled noders, just those with user names which I'd imagine someone might want to reuse as a productive member of the noding community. I also kill stupid hax0r names, just from personal bias.

The huddled masses have spoken. They demand more:

Node-fu report cards

Several noders have asked, either overtly or implicitly, for an evaluation of their node-fu. I'm always glad to check out the work of a noder, especially newly minted ones. These take me a while to create, so please be patient!


(By request) It's tough to evaluate Rei fairly right now as Rei only has seven writeups. I can only offer a bit of constructive criticism.

Rei's writeups are mostly succinct. Often this is all you need, so I'm not saying it's wrong. But, please try your hand at some longer writeups too.

I do see a few areas for improvement in Rei's writeups . Chief among them is Rei's choice of hard links. For example in art space I would hard link whitewash, threadbare and perhaps plaque; in fun I would certainly hard link cure for cancer instead of simply cure. Hard links should be for words and concepts people might want to "drill down" into. Also I saw a few minor issues with caps and punctuation, nothing that a simple proof-reading can't catch.

The biggest writeup, Stepping, uses the <PRE> tag to get line breaks. I prefer that noders not to use <PRE> as it can cause some issues with E2 formatting. Instead, I recommend the handy dandy Wharfinger's Linebreaker. Try it, it's free and it's fun!

Stepping could also benefit from a bit of HTML formatting in the writeup, like so:


Will produce something like this:


    (text of poem)
which is more visually appealing. Rei admits in the home node to not knowing HTML, so I provide this recommendation in hopes that it helps. N-Wing's fuller description of HTML tags is highly recommended.

I voted nothing down, voted two things up, and killed nothing.

Brawl's Node-fu rating: B- but should improve next term.


Conversely, it's tough to evaluate Wuukiee because Wuukiee's a Level 4 (Scribe) and has about 212 writeups.

I read a lot of Wuukiee's writeups, and found many I liked. They ranged from good factual nodes like scenthound and useful additional writeups like loofah and chakra to nice "mood" entries like moment of gold. A few like Rose water (since fixed) could use a bit more information (so what? syndrome).

Wuukiee does have a few GTKYs but usually adds judiciously like The best teacher I ever had. However, What one article of clothing best captures your personality? should probably be retitled to something that dannye won't have the urge to kill it later.

Wuukiee's writing and linking are all of the good quality expected from a dedicated Scribe.

I voted nothing down, voted several up, and mercy killed one (oxymoron at -9).

Brawl's Node-fu rating: A

More to Come...

Since we've apparently decided to get all self-righteous about Everything Editor Logs as NFN, from now on these reports will appear under Node-fu reports: December 2000 and so on.

I nuked a lame poll/chatter node entitled How do you pronounce "borged"? -- with penalty for none, and mercy for all. Kudos to nine9 and ariels for coming so close to redeeming a dopey topic, but even they couldn't salvage it. There were several near-empty writeups in there which should by rights have been penalized, but I didn't feel like clicking all the little boxes to make the distinction and they got off easy. Here's a complete list: ariels, ailie, tregoweth, Fruan, RST, bob the cow, recursive, JustSomeGuy, flamingweasel, burnboy, and nine9.

December 24, 2000

After a lengthy vacation from E2 (mostly because I was busy writing software), I came back today.

  • Posted a new write-up;
  • Chinged a couple of nice write-ups;
  • Helped a noder correct a typo;
  • /msged to calimba asking not to use all caps in node titles (could one of the gods please take a look at calimba's latest wus and adjust the titles);
  • emailed sensei because /me misses sensei very, very much.

December 25, 2000

Nodegel seems quiet and peaceful today, perhaps not surprisingly.

Nevertheless, licensed to kill a node, Bondage, Gay Bondage, the first node by cheesecake. This node is a poor attempt at humor by ridiculing approximately 8-10% of human population. Definitely not cool!

Okay, it's been a busy month, what with Christmas and teenagers invading the house for summer holidays and all, and most of the things I've killed since my last logs have been one line E1 transfers (a lot of those). The other stuff is listed below:

  • Why are there Black Vulcans? by knarph. Uninformative, pointless, and possibly slanderous.
  • pull the other one text: ...sahib, this one has bells on it and this one has bells on it text: pull the other one, sahib by Geez since the saying is, "pull the other one, it's got bells on" it's inaccurate, and 2 wu's for one sentence seemed excessive. Certainly wasn't adding anything.
  • vivarin by just a guy. One liner, no links
  • In conjunction with knifegirl cleared dmds write-ups of Nightsong material. Copyright holder stated that permission to node the material had not been given.


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