A fucking awesome band. They're emocore, meaning about half hardcore, half emo. When combined, they can either produce a shitty band or an incredible band. Boy Sets Fire happens to be one of the bands that has reached a perfect equilibrium between emo and hardcore.

  • Consider 7" (1995)
  • This Crying This Screaming My Voice is Being Born (1996)
  • The Day the Sun Went Out (1996)
  • Can't Stop This Train (Comp- 1997)
  • In Chrysalis (1998)
  • Songs For the Broken Hearted (Comp- 1999)
  • Never Give In: A Tribute to the Bad Brains (Comp- 1999) (They covered I Against I}
  • Snapcase vs. Boy Sets Fire (Snapcase/BSF Split- 1999)
  • Crush Em All 7" (1999- BSF/Shai Halud Split of Metallica covers)
  • After the Eulogy (2000)
  • Suckerpunch Training (2000)
  • For Those Who Stand (Comp- 2001)

  • Personally, I think After the Eulogy is their best. Check it out if you're into any hardcore or emo.

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