I really hate killing Initiate's WUs -- I fear that the same ignorance that leads them to create writeups that need killing will prevent them from understanding why their writeups were killed.

That said, I killed every single one of JohnDough's long, rambling, unformatted, unlinked WUs. (Pseudo_Intellectual suggested using an elephant tranquilizer.)

I really feel that there needs to be a better system of [rt]eaching new noders. Several people have suggested a system wherein level 1 and 2 users' writeups must get a +1 rep or be automatically killed after some period of time. Perhaps this should be implemented.

www.newgrounds.com/assassin (place)... has got to go. And it will. May DeesinUtz (har de har har, Deez Nuts, we get it) figure out why you shouldn't use a URL as a node title, toot sweet.

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