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There are only two inevitabilities.
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"A man will forgive the murder of his father, but he will never forgive the loss of his patrimony."

A grittier reality than Death am I. There are metaphysical aspects to dying, depending on your beliefs. St. Paul said, "Death, where is your victory? Where is your sting?" because his belief in Christ had deprived Death of its horror.

Notice that no one has said that about me lately, though. Some flirt with Death, some love him, some laugh in his face. I get no such emotional reactions.

I have to be content with pure, cold hatred.

And yet, consider. If there were no taxes, there would be no roads, no social services, no law. (Also, no war.) I am the toll you pay to live in an "advanced" society.

My negative rating is a reflection of reality.

In any case, I am inevitable, like my dark brother.