boot = B = borken

Borg n.

In "Star Trek: The Next Generation" the Borg is a species of cyborg that ruthlessly seeks to incorporate all sentient life into itself; their slogan is "Resistence is futile. You will be assimilated." In hacker parlance, the Borg is usually Microsoft, which is thought to be trying just as ruthlessly to assimilate all computers and the entire Internet to itself (there is a widely circulated image of Bill Gates as a Borg). Being forced to use Windows or NT is often referred to as being "Borged". Interestingly, the Halloween Documents reveal that this jargon is live within Microsoft itself. (Other companies, notably Intel and UUNet, have also occasionally been equated to the Borg.) See also Evil Empire, Internet Exploiter.

--Jargon File, autonoded by rescdsk.

Borg is also the name given to the automatic player in the rougelike game, Angband. There are several versions of the borg available the best one, in my opinion, being the APW borg named after it's programer Dr Andrew White.
This version of the angband borg has even been know to win on a fairly regular basis, Kudos to Dr White.

Borg is also a Norwegian brewery:

Borg breweries' history starts in 1855 when Lande Gaard brewery, which would later be known as Sarpsborg bryggeri (bryggeri = brewery), was established by Hans Peter Hafslund and other significant farmers in the Skjeberg area. Brewing commenced the following year.

In 1889, Sarpsborg bryggeri and Halden bryggeri joined forces. The company was now called Borg Bryggerier.

Today, Hansa Bryggerier owns Borg Bryggerier.

Borg's current product range:

An interesting fact about Borg Pilsner is that a large amount of the brew is exported to Sweden, the border lies some 15-20 kilometres from the brewery. And because of the extremely high Norwegian alcohol taxes, Norwegians living near the Swedish border smuggle large amounts of the same beer back into Norway...

Information found on (but only in Norwegian)

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