If you thought that Let the craving end.™ was bad... hold on to your underwear... walking by the same McDonald's, I saw an ad bearing this slogan.

I do recognize that advertising these days is a bit more clever, often with a "hip" appeal, and the celebrity endorsements of the 80s have died down, but this was just a bit too direct. Depicted was a Big Mac combo, looking as greasy and alluring and in need of some attention as ever. This burger, fries and soft drink holy trinity were floating in a bright red field that made me salivate ravenously just looking at it.

It's not a meal, hell, it's not even an option these days it seems.

McDonald's food is borg.
Borg is good.
Wear Gap.
Eat McDonald's.
Standardize. Assimilate.

will the next one be "Face it, you're owned.™"?

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