Seven of Nine was once Annika Hansen, a citizen of the United Federation of Planets. Her parents conducted research on the Borg (from a distance) aboard the U.S.S. Raven NAR-32450, a civilian vessel. Annika lived on the Raven for three years, until the ship was detected by a cube. The Raven crashed on a Class-M moon in B'omar space, and six-year-old Annika was assimilated as Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One. She had no social graces because she lived on the Raven and had next to no contact with other humans; also because she was assimilated so young. The girl was all about the collective. At one point, when the Borg's homing beacon was destroyed, she assimilated other Borgs by infiltrating their left cerebral hemispheres with nanoprobes so that they would be permanently connected with a new organic node.

Seven of Nine's first encounter with the Voyager began when she served as the Borg's representative in a temporary alliance between the Borg and the crew of the Voyager, re Species 8472. Anyway, some stuff happened, viz., an attack by Species 8472, and Seven ended up on the Voyager. She was useful too: She worked on the transwarp corridor, the new astrometrics lab, and the Delta Flyer.

And what a fine pair of tits they are my friend, but did you ever notice the work that goes into making them that way? I bet you didn't.

First off, notice the definite line that curves beneath her breasts. This is an underwire bra (well, a jumpsuit with one effectively built in). The whole purpose of this design is to accentuate Jeri's.... talents. Also notice the insanely tight fitting jumpsuit itself. If one's body is curvaceous, it will look even more so when forced into one of those.

If one does a little research, one will find that Jeri Ryan was at one point Miss Illinois and no, she did not look quite so busty then. So there is a possibility of enhancement surgery, I'm not saying for sure, but it is possible.

At any rate, who cares why people watch Star Trek, if they like it they like it. Even if it is just because Jeri Ryan has enormous knockers, that's why I watch and will continue to do so.

In fact, I think I'll end this node as Voyager is on right now.... aaah *Homer Simpson drooling noise*

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