A sort of uniform that either a parachutist or pilot wears. These are skin-tight, cat-like outfits that are usually a light, flexible material to minimize the amount of resitance that the air has on the wearer.
Examples of a jumpsuit can be seen on any Star Trek series.

Jumpsuits are one-piece suits. I guess the idea is that you can just jump right into them (this doesn't work very well, particularly if your suit is a little too small). You generally wear them over other clothing, particularly because they often have false pockets which are kinda nasty if you're not wearing anything else. Or else maybe that's sexy. Whatever.

You can find jumpsuits at places like Goodwill, they will be cheap. People might laugh at you at first, but be assured that you will be the life of the party if you wear the funky jumpsuit. Especially if it's red. Here is expert testimony, live from the noder par-tay that I am at:

Where did you get your jumpsuit? that's really fucking cool. I want one now... but I'm not sure that's my color. --(anonymous Lawg member who chooses to protect her identity so it does not ruin her editorial reputation.)
Hmm.. that sure is a jumpsuit. --mcc
Wow, in that orangy-red jumpsuit you look like you just got out of prison. Thats so sexy! --evadyne
(Node references added) See? The reviewers are falling over themselves with praise! You should wear jumpsuits! People will love you! You will become slim and attractive!

This node was sponsored by the fashion experts at your local Goodwill store.

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