The United Starship Voyager (NCC-74656) is a Federation Starship from the Star Trek series Star Trek: Voyager.

Being an Intrepid Class Starship, it has 15 decks, and would normally have a crew compliment of 40 officers and 160 enlisted men/women.

On Stardate 48307.5, Voyager, while hunting the Maquis, was taken to the Delta Quadrant by a creature called The Caretaker. ('Caretaker')

The Maquis ship they were ship chasing was destroyed by the Kazon and all the surviving crew went on to serve aboard Voyager. Captain Chakotay of the Maquis ship replaced the fallen Commander, B'Elanna Torres became the chief engineer, and many other officers and crewmen filled other spots. Both voyager and the Maquis had lost a large number of their respective crews, however, and the total when combined (and after picking up a couple aliens) stood around 140 throughout their journey home to the Alpha Quadrand.

Initially, there was some friction between the Maquis and the Federation crew members, but over time the fully integrated, and worked harmoniously in their shared goal of returning home.

Throughout their journey, the crew of Voyager discovered quite a few new alien species, as well as one or two familiar ones. When they first arived in the Delta Quadrant, they encountered the Kazon, the Ocampa, and a Talaxian, as well as one knows as The Caretaker. The Kazon went on to be a hindrance to Voyager for a number of months, before they finally got out of the Kazon's range. Other major enemies they encountered included the Vidiians who are forced to harvest others' vital organs to combat a fatal disease known as The Phage, the Hirogen who enjoy hunting other species and are quite good at it, Species 8472 from another universe, and (of course) The Borg, who make their home in the Delta Quadrant. They also come across a couple of Ferengi whom Next Generation fans may remember from TNG episode 'The Price'.

Important Crewmembers

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