A sophomoric game by far most common among adolescent males. Best played in quiet and/or public places. A library, study hall, museum, bank lobby, and the floor of Congress are level one locations--quiet, conservative, and populated. Level two locations are cafeterias, buses and other noisy, crowded places. Level three are public locations with no-one in particular around. The game is fairly pointless in the wilderness. It can be played solitaire but the more the merrier.

Play commences with each person calling in turn. The word must always be clearly enunciated and called louder than the previous caller. Failure to do so requires a replay. Refusal to call represents forfeiture. Gameplay ends when all but one forfeit or the word is acknowledged by a nonparticipant. In any event, the last caller may be said to have won, although that is only half the fun.

There are infinite variations on the game, however the universality of this game under this name and these rules provides a strong argument for abiogenesis. Excess enthusiasm often leads to a general disregard for rules of turn, enunciation, forfeiture and endgame.

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