Quite an enlightening day. My order from ThinkGeek came today. In addition to my charming "got root?" sweatshirt and the much-needed refill of Penguin Mints, I got the Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide by Douglas Adams.

This book is like a revelation to me. Finally, I understand a great many more jokes than I used to. I now know where the hell Hoopy_Frood got his name from, I know what the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal is, I know why I should keep a towel with me at all times, and I know who Ford Prefect is. It's amazing.

I have no idea how I could have been a computer geek without it.

Besides that, it was another rather uneventful day at class, followed by a day I did not have to work in. All in all, a good day.

a low. they say that high school is only the second-deepest pit in hell, but i'm not so sure. it's high school, isn't it supposed to be a high?

well, for one thing, the rat trap was cancelled because the dj didn't show. this prevented me from doing head bangs hard enough that my sad brain cells died, leaving only happy ones. that would have been nice.

rescdskfoo: do you think that it would be a good idea for me to not even try to socialize with your
Cheerkat04: yeah
rescdskfoo: ok
rescdskfoo: and, do you enjoy talking with me?
Cheerkat04: online
rescdskfoo: not in person?
Cheerkat04: well, my friends are there in person
rescdskfoo: if your friends were not an issue
rescdskfoo: i'm asking if you enjoy talking to me
Cheerkat04: why do you care?
rescdskfoo: because i want to know if i should just entirely give up being a nice, sociable person and
retreat to the computer room in my house and stay there all the time.
rescdskfoo: no, that's an exaggeration.
rescdskfoo: hm
Cheerkat04: and you would do that because i didn't want to talk to you?!?!?
rescdskfoo: i would do that because none of your friends want to talk to me, and now that you
don't, there's not a whole lot of point in coming out of my room until college

--kat2003 and rescdsk. i request that you not give her any shit about this. you are, of course, welcome to give me shit.


toba is dying. she has had cancer for a long while now. we found just recently that she doesn't mind female veterinarians, it was just the evil male one that made her all scared. so, we took her in to get her huge lump looked at. it is of a type which does not often spread to areas besides those which are local to the tumor, and it has not in toba's case. it does tend to send out little tendrils into the surrounding flesh. it's very lucky that it's not in the bone now. the bad news is that it's big enough now that, to sew a wound shut, they would have to sew two pieces of tumor together, and it would never heal. that means that they can't just dollop out a chunk of tumor, which would be our preferred course of action. she's on chemotherapy now. she's the fourth test patient of the drug, which had the following effects on the previous 3 patients: 1, shrank that tumor like a miracle; 2, got rid of the tendrils, allowing a mass reduction operation; 3, nothing. the expected side effects are vomiting, diareahh (sp?), and other bad things. if it gets too bad, we're planning on having her put to sleep.

the really depressing thing is that these are all items of vanity, really. i should be getting depressed because the money i carry around in my wallet could feed some poor child in india for several days. and i'm worrying about my social life, and the life of my dog, who will die soon anyway (she's 13 human-years old).

My mind seems unable to decide wether or not I'm tired today.

First thing this morning, I'm being told to "hurry up" because I have to leave @ 9:00 for something I agreed to the previous night. You see, our neighbor burned his garage down, and so I was going to help tear the thing down/apart. Although it was dirty work, there was a degree of satisfaction in tearing apart a half burned building with crowbars, sledgehammers, chainsaws, and your hands. However, this was quickly balanced with the fact that most everything was covered with a mixture of soot, dirt, mud, and melting slushy snow. His dog, a friendly, lovable mutt, but also quite insistant on attention, continued to bother us while we hacked apart the building. By tasks end, he was covered in a not insignificant amount of soot himself. This left the dog ordinarly yellow with an odd blackish tinge.

I immeditly went to washing the clothes I was wareing, and so are now bumming around the house in "laundry clothes", which are much too cold for a day like today. I tried to start my assignment for school, The Scarlet Letter, but Hawthorne apparently saw fit to include a 40 page introduction where he rambles on about how he worked in a customs house which, as near as I can tell, has nothing to do with the story. This was worsened by the fact I was both cold, and continually bother by the other residents of this house who kept interrupting me to do inane and menial tasks, even though they knew I was reading. I eventually gave up, and decided to skip the introduction, as it seemed impossible then to hold my concentration for any length of time longer than five minutes.

So I'm noding instead.
Today was amazingly productive! Did the dishes, meditated over coffee, read some Alan Ginsberg, ate oatmeal, attempted to program something, refilled my prescription, cleaned air vents, walked miles, cleaned, talked to the coffee shop gay communist fixture otherwise lovingly known as "the fag with no eyebrows" (as he was put in someone's book about our town). He is interesting.

Ah and there was sun.
The people who were supposed to bring me computers to fix, didn't, so I have until 4 PM to do whatever. One of them has given me a USB flatbed scanner in exchange for her computer homework. I (re)discover a few things: At 4 PM I am due at my sister's home for dinner. En route, I pick up a case of Liebotschaner cream ale, and some Woodchuck amber hard cider. My aunt and uncle from New Hope are there, and there are pitchers and pitchers of margaritas. I guess I'll just have to bring all the beer and cider back home.
My nephew has a basketball game, the school is in walking distance, so I tag along to root. They play their best game of the season, winning 40-20.

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