This document will explain the powers and functions of editors and "gods." If you have any questions about E2 and you've read Everything2 Help and looked through the links in your nodelets please /msg one of these volunteers and they will gladly help you out.

If you're interested in being an Everything2 editor please sit tight and wait for a call. We're trying to keep the number of staff at 30 or less by rotating new blood in now and then based on activity, merit, writing skill, and ability to function in whichever role is needed at a given time. Also, I'll probably tap you on the shoulder quicker if you don't msg me about it. The gods group is always watching and suggestions for new editorial staff are passed around based on their observations.

The Content Editor Usergroup:

Membership in the content editor usergroup gives the user the following abilities:

The mission of these editors is three-fold:

The Content Editor group is currently:

  1. JD
  2. karma debt
  3. The Custodian
  4. Noung
  5. Stuart
  6. mad girl's love song
  7. Zephronias
  8. GhettoAardvark
  9. wertperch
  10. panamaus

The gods usergroup:

Okay, now these users have got some action. The group has the following abilities:

To clear up a few common myths: members of the gods group cannot

The following is a list of users in the gods usergroup:

  1. Tem42
  2. clampe
  3. N-Wing
  4. riverrun
  5. iceowl
  6. avalyn
  7. ascorbic
  8. Oolong
  9. The Debutante
  10. in10se
  11. call
  12. DonJaime
  13. jaybonci
  14. mauler
  15. Two Sheds
  16. Auspice
  17. Lord Brawl
  1. root

Who does what?

These people are in charge of things:

These administrators and editors have special assignments:

The following staff members work with jaybonci to maintain and grow the site's code:

Copyright compliance:

Documentation, FAQs, staff docs, sekrits

SIGTITLE user group: Node Titles


People in this group are responsible for maintaining good order in the Chatterbox. Think of them as the moderators.

That's it. If you've any questions about this or anything else (regarding E2) please message jaybonci or Tem42.