This is a little late in submitting but what the hell...

When I logged in on the first, I noticed a name at the top of the Other Users list that I had never noticed or seen before. When I clicked on the name I saw the persons homenode. I saw 19 writeups and almost 2 million experience and was a bit confused. I looked to the chatterbox for some answers and it seemed to be that the user had hacked into the site. I was unswayed at first because it was April Fool's Day and all. After a while it seemed as though they had actually hacked into the site and I got a little worried.

Then I_0WnZ_yEw started talking trash about people and I even stood up for Rancid_Pickle against him:

04:54: I_0WnZ_yEw: rancidpickle is a ass, if i am wrong just say so
04:54: artemis entreri: let the dust settle...then nuke em all....die...
04:54: JerboaKolinowski imagines what would happen if the site admins temporarily assumed false identities and spent hours relieving frustration by imitating trolls ..
04:54: Mitchevious: i will destory the heathens that have tainted our sacred tomb
04:55: mlony: you're wrong
04:55: I_0WnZ_yEw: i thoght so so shut the hell up and stop wining you can't track down shit
04:55: Haystack: *salutes E2's administration* Nice joke, guys and gals.
04:55: artemis entreri: i love the fact that i own you has a couple million xp ...

I had no idea I was defending Pickle from himself!

I heard the Editors claim that someone messed with the opcode and had changed all their configurations. Being part of edev I looked at the opcode...everything seemed in place. I didn't say anything of course and was still a bit skeptic. I read through some of the garbage that I_0WnZ_yEw had written and noticed something that said which was obviously in the private message inbox, "dem bones says You've got some serious xp there... thank me later but point it out in the box." It was then that I realized that this was in fact a prank.

All in all, it must have been fun, but I agree with Wuukiee on talking with other user names. When I heard that the users cureobsession, clearpebbles, and redboot were removed, I searched through their nodes to see why they were. I even talked to clearpebbles, redboot, and cureobsession about it. Apparently cureobsession had caused a big ruckus and clearpebbles and redboot's accounts were frozen because of him. cureobsession told me that people were calling him an asshole for things that he didn't even do. And then I saw clearpebbles logged in, I instant messaged her about it and she said it wasn't her. What was said through her username was a bit sad:

02:41: clearpebbles: Hi hi hi hi peeps! long time no seeum . wheres outpost mir/?
02:42: clearpebbles: Is dembones here now ive got a bi g ol' kiss for boner. (he made me go bye bye bye bye , but hi hi hi hi!@@@!

And then redboot was being talked about as though his name was added after what people were saying.

02:28: dannye: Well, here's what I heard. Seriously. The site was in danger, financially, but some wealthy dudes had some teen group who had been lurking here, and they paid bones ONE MILLION DOLLARS for full clearance to do as they wish. That's what I heard. redboot
02:38: dannye: Dunno, Gammy. Some assholes have more money than sense, eh? redboot
03:55: dannye: I'm sitting here trying to explain to a new user why I removed one of his writeups, and he's asking me (in the light of all this) how it could not be "anything goes" here. Any ideas on what I should say to this poor soul? Hmmm? redboot
03:56: dannye: And what kind of weird script keeps adding "redboot" to everything I say here?
03:56: dannye: redboot
04:15: dannye: Now I can't freaking type "borg" w/o it adding an "e" to the end. I'll see you guys later. I'm going huuume. redboot
18:15: Sylvar: Well, that was fun. I've gotta go move stuff into my new home. See you guys later. redboot

Saige I never talked to but by what Wuukiee says she sounded like she was a good person that just didn't get along with the Gods. All I know is, I hope you all had fun, I have no different view on you least not in time.

now if you would confess who was talking under their names...