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HOLY CRAP, people.  I own a pet store now.  It opened July 27, 2011.


Salamander found under a log in the Santa Cruz redwoods. 


*** i used to have this really irritating style of writing here on this site, where i refused to use any capital letters at all... and it drove a lot of people crazy. i was young, and stupid, and insisted it was "a style choice" and it was my goddamn right to do so if I damn well wanted. the only thing is, now, years later, it annoys ME. so please, if you come across an old, ancient writeup of mine where i don't use any capital letters, send me a /msg, please let me know. I'll fix it. I promise. (But I *still* will have to be forced at gunpoint to stop using stars for emphasis instead of bold tags. Sorry.) ***


My own personal recipes.  While they have origins from all over, they are all heavily modified, tweaked, or even entirely original.  I'm highly proud of them all.

French onion roast
Irish stir fry
ginger pork
beef stew
strawberry pork
teriyaki beef

Mashed Potatoes
brown sugar carrots

Starters & Deserts
Coca Cola Salad (this is an old family recipe, I have not modified this one.)
Chocolate Eclair Cake

Sauces, seasonings, etc:
peanut dressing

yellow cake batter

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