this is my first fish log! please, no vote dumping, i'm not that kind of fish.

6:30 AM today, i am going to swim. also i have to pee. now that i am alone in this cursed aquarium, i can just go in the water and not worry about disturbing anyone else. this is the life.. aside from the abundance of bacteria swarming around me. wish these evil people would clean this hole once in a while.

9:00 AM these people sleep all day. by the time i get my breakfast it's lunch time, and for some reason they assume i only want to eat once a day. well my growth is permanently stunted, after that coffee the weasel eyed child dropped in here the other day. short term memory my fins, i remember everything.

11:34 AM so i'm eating and this person sticks their finger in, and i make the moves to nip at it because if i don't they keep splashing around. well, they pull away just before i do and i end up lunging into nothingness. why oh why, it's not as if i even have teeth. humans, bleh.

1:00 PM they're bringing in the new guy today. antsy.. i'm not a ghetto fish, i can't deal with those big bulgy eyed fish they throw in here. i end up spending most of my time underneath that butt ugly plastic rock. oh woe.

6:37 PM so it looks like my numbers up. the new guy has been eating my fins all night, i'm feeling kind of weak. saw some kid chuckling through the glass. i've developed a plan.. i'm going to pretend it's all over, float up to the top and lay there, wait until one of those idiots fishes me out with the net, and then spit in their face. well, actually i'll just lay there and then listen as they discuss my "burial at sea".

i guess this is my last fish log, too. friday the 13th.

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